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    Welcome from Brian

    Welcome to Asking Matters, where you can access my most effective tips and techniques for learning how to ask for donations face-to-face.

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    This year’s Asking Course is here! Learn how to Ask Your Way to Fundraising Success

    This year’s 8-week Asking Course is here! It’s been designed to help you overcome your fear of asking and motivate you to make time each week to develop your organization’s program of in-person asking. Spots are limited so register now!

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    Downloadable Fundraising Resources

    Download two great free fundraising resources, including our Prospect Selection Chart and 15-Minute Making the Case Exercise.

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    Fundraising is NOT Fun!

    Contrary to what Arthur C. Brooks of The New York Times declared in his March 29 Op-Ed “Why Fund-Raising is Fun” – fundraising generally isn’t fun and he does a huge disservice to the field saying it is.

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    Asking Styles Take Hold in the Industry

    It was incredibly rewarding to see the front-page coverage of Asking Styles in our industry’s leading publication – The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

  • Being an Authentic Asker

    Think you need to be what you imagine your donor wants you to be? Think again. Brian Saber shares the power of being authentic and how it helps make your best case for support.